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piros hálós
Molnárné Sz, Melinda
piros sárga csilivili
Molnárné Sz, Melinda
fehér hálós
Molnárné Sz, Melinda
lila hálós
Molnárné Sz, Melinda
kék lila fekete szőrös
Molnárné Sz, Melinda
Hozott kép után
Kiss Vivien
red Rose
Komm Kata (Kata Nails Stúdió)"Crystal Nails Referenciaszalon"
Málna vintage
Szabó M. Dia
Zsele metal manixxal swaroval
Buderka Márta
Zsele hableányeffekttel
Buderka Márta
Zselé köröm swaroval
Buderka Márta
sárga és pillangók
Toldiné Thoma Szilvia

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How to clean your tools

How to clean your tools

It is essential to prevent infections by keeping your working environment hygienic all the time. As a nail technician you always have to keep in mind the importance of tidiness. »

Pedicure in 2014 is here to Stay for Good

Pedicure in 2014 is here to Stay for Good

Ah! That nice feeling coming out of the pedicure salon… Everyone loves going to a good pedicure salon and indulge their feet in luxury and making them breathe again. Can you believe dipping your feet in champagne and getting rubbed by grape for exfoliation and then... »

Shivering  nail gels and acrylics

Shivering nail gels and acrylics

As the cold period is starting, the nail technicians can experience the change of the cure time of some nail products. It is not the fault of the material, but the attitude of temperature fluctuations. »

BIO in manicure and pedicure

BIO in manicure and pedicure

Nowadays in the cosmetic industry everything is getting popular, that is bio. Whether it is a treating, method, product, anything. Bio... »